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Safety first


The Quality and Health, Safety and the Environment policy is an ongoing process. That is why DDM is continuously working on improving all these areas to keep improving safety levels.

Assurance for this process is guaranteed by certificates in the following areas: Quality via the ISO 9001 certificate, Environment via the ISO 14001 certificate, Safety via the VCA Petrochemicals certificate, Safe and Environmentally Aware Demolition via the SVMS-007 certificate, Asbestos via the SCA process scheme for asbestos removal and BELAC for working with asbestos in Belgium. 

Going to work properly trained and well prepared is crucial for running a project safely. DDM makes sure that all its staff have been given the right instruction and have the right certificates, registrations and diplomas. DDM also regularly organises days on which all supervisors and all operational staff discuss safety, policy and the overall vision together.
This is all about coordination and achieving the same result and goals: working safely, getting home healthy and customer satisfaction are the key. Before a project, the various options are discussed with the client so that the work can be performed safely. 

To minimise the environmental impact, DDM always separates, records and processes waste materials at authorised final processors. DDM also keeps investing in environmentally friendly measures. Among other things, this includes acquiring more economical and environmentally friendly equipment. There’s a good reason why DDM’s motto is Safety First! The specialist work that DDM does is full of safety challenges. The DDM QHSE department has existed from day one and safety is in DDM’s DNA. Our global operations let us acquire knowledge everywhere and we continue to innovate. We ensure safety together. Because safety may start with you, but it doesn’t end there!

World demolition awards

DDM was rewarded with a World Demolition Award in the Civils category.

Removing 5 arch bridges over the Amsterdam Rijnkanaal was an intensive job. The program was tight and the expectations of all employees were high.

More about this project

Safety days

Every year, DDM holds a number of safety days to give safety awareness a boost.

The goals of the past year are evaluated and the new objectives are determined. All supervisors and all operational employees go into a dialogue about safety, policy and vision. For everyone; healthy and safe at work and healthy home again.

Dow safety recognition

Dow has awarded DDM a Certificate for Excellent Safety Performance.

Following various demolition and disassembly projects that DDM carries out worldwide for Dow Chemical Company, DDM has obtained recognition for the excellent safety performance during execution. DDM always strives for a higher safety level. Safety First!


Being well educated and prepared for work is crucial for safely running a project. DDM ensures that all staff are in possession of the necessary instructions, certificates, registrations and diplomas.
In addition, DDM regularly organizes days where all managers and all operational staff discuss together about safety, policy and vision.

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