Removal of high-rise DSM Delft

In 2021, DDM Demontage started the remediation, dismantling and removal of the Alexander Fleming house 530 on the DSM Delft B.V. site.

The asbestos specialists have started the remediation of the high-rise. Various applications were remediated, spread over 10 floors, more than 8000m2. To this end, DDM placed the entire building in containment, in order to be able to achieve this, 250,000 m3 of underpressure was placed. The containment was recently released and over the next few weeks the high-rise will be put up as scaffolding in order to then continue with the external decontamination and demolition.

The scaffold provides access to the outside of the facade containing asbestos. It also provides protection from the elements such as wind and rain. It also protects the surroundings from any dust released during demolition.

How does the demolition of the high-rise work? Demolishing the high-rise is not a cold job. It requires a team with a great deal of expertise to get the job done. A tower crane is set up to remove the high-rise. Storey by storey, the construction floors are cleared using the tower crane. The hoisted concrete slabs of the various floors are demolished at ground level with the demolition excavator. Eventually, the concrete core will remain. The concrete core is demolished mechanically using a long-arm demolition excavator. All the materials removed will be recycled into new building materials.

The structural steel is professionally dismantled and transported to a steel supplier, so that the released structural steel is reused in a circular manner.

We look forward to the successful demolition of the high-rise!

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