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New addition: 100-ton crane

DDM's machine park has recently been expanded with excellent equipment, namely the Hitachi SCX1000A-3. The crane has an operating weight of 104 tons, making it one of the cranes with a very high operating weight at DDM.

The SCX1000A-3 is supplied with a main boom length of 51 meters and a 50 tonne lifting hook. The basic machine is fully equipped as standard with a counterweight reduction system and eco-winches for fuel reduction.

The crane is environmentally friendly and provides the highest level of clean performance thanks to the Stage V engine, an eco winch and idle stop function. These features enable the crane to meet the latest emissions regulations and operate with low fuel consumption.

When purchasing the crane, DDM employees were of course taken into account. Design elements such as excellent visibility and an optimal working position help reduce operator fatigue while increasing comfort and functionality to achieve maximum performance.

Furthermore, the crane can be used for various projects because the crane is easy to transport between different locations. The level of transport and assembly greatly improves efficiency at any job site.