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Expert asbestos removal supervisor (DTA) (Eindhoven region)

Eindhoven, Netherlands 40

Removing asbestos from an object or structure is a precision job. Do you have what it takes to take responsibility for this? Then this vacancy is for you!

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Asbestos needs to be removed and you decide how. Together with the work planner, you work out your approach in a work plan and a safety plan. You divide the work in the work plan between people and machines and draw up the project plan. If work permits are required for the project, you are the one who arranges them. And you are the contact person for the client.

Naturally, you ensure that all asbestos and asbestos-containing materials are removed, stored and disposed of in accordance with the guidelines. You monitor strict compliance with safety regulations, both by your colleagues and by suppliers and subcontractor employees. You anticipate potentially dangerous situations and keep all employees alert by regularly pointing out the risks of the work.
You keep track of the hours of people and machines and send the project administration to the office once a week. You also manage the asbestos registrations, plus the certificates of the equipment used for the asbestos work, and you keep a close eye on the costs of a project. You also carry out all checks and inspections in the work plan. And if you identify an opportunity for a new project for DDM, you immediately inform the commercial department. Once a month you come to the office to attend the DTA meeting. You then go through all projects and discuss the current regulations.


  • You are in possession of the 'Expert Supervisor of Asbestos Removal A' certificate
  • Has a medical examination/declaration
  • Have a VCA-VOL diploma or are willing to obtain one
  • Have knowledge of (and preferably experience with) using equipment
  • Have leadership skills and commercial insight
  • You are in possession of a driving license B (E behind B is a plus)
  • Preferably in possession of the diploma 'Demolition works foreman' or 'Demolition works executor' and a forklift and aerial work platform certificate
  • Likes irregular working hours and working 'for a living'.


  • An excellent salary
  • A professional and collegial working atmosphere
  • All the education and training you need
  • We would be happy to let you know what else we have to offer in a personal conversation


“Removing asbestos from objects and structures is precise and demanding work. As an Expert Asbestos Supervisor, I ensure that it is done safely and properly, in accordance with all rules and requirements. I also do some work preparation, manage and arrange work plans, forms, permits and notifications to the government. And environmental permits, when it comes to construction works.

I started as a dismantling employee in 1998. A year later I worked as an asbestos remover for the first time. I found it so fascinating that I immediately indicated that I wanted to become a DTA. I completely immersed myself in the matter and took on more and more tasks. And I haven't regretted it for a second.

Asbestos is endlessly fascinating. Every project is a complicated puzzle that you have to solve. And the result must be perfect. For the client, for my colleagues and for myself. That appeals to me. Every time again. What I also really like is the solidarity within the company. We all give the best of ourselves and you notice that in the atmosphere. It's not without reason that I've been working here for twenty years.”

Bert's featured project

“Most beautiful project? The first thing I think of is a hospital in Utrecht. Just imagine that you have to remove asbestos from an MRI room, which must be able to accommodate patients again immediately after your deadline. That is a huge challenge. It must be done very precisely, very safely and very quickly. I think it's great that I can take on that responsibility. And the great thing is, because the hospital has so much confidence in us, they also let us do all kinds of other things, such as demolishing floors and even hanging paintings. A new project will start from May. A great prospect!”

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