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Demolition works contractor (Antwerp region)

Antwerpen, Belgium

Do you like a challenge, but don't like safety risks? Do you determine the approach to a demolition project, but do you also make coffee? Then this vacancy is for you!

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You are scheduled for an industrial demolition job. On site, in consultation with the work planner, you determine the most effective and efficient approach. You work this out together with the work planner in a work plan and a safety plan. You divide the work between people and machines, draw up and monitor the project plan. If work permits are required for the project, you are the one who arranges them. And you are the contact person for the client.

You are there first in the morning and prepare for the day. You ensure that everyone knows what to do, coordinate the work and carry out work yourself where necessary. You also ensure that all materials received are processed and disposed of according to the guidelines. You also monitor strict compliance with safety regulations, both by your colleagues and by suppliers and subcontractor employees. You give instructions and hold toolbox meetings. You anticipate potentially dangerous situations and keep all employees alert by regularly pointing out the risks of the work. You ensure that the work is carried out in accordance with the assignment and are therefore fully aware of this.

In addition, you keep track of the hours of people and machines and send the project administration to the office once a week. You also carry out all checks and inspections in the work plan.

Do you identify an opportunity for a new project for DDM? Then you immediately inform the commercial department.


  • Have demonstrable experience in a similar position in the (construction or) demolition industry
  • Have a VCA-VOL diploma or are willing to obtain one
  • Have knowledge of (and preferably experience with) using equipment
  • Have leadership skills and commercial insight
  • You are in possession of a driving license B (E behind B is an advantage).
  • Preferably you are in possession of the diploma 'Demolition Works
  • Foreman' or 'Demolition Works Executor' and a forklift and aerial work platform certificate.
  • Likes irregular working hours and working 'for a living'.


  • An excellent salary
  • A professional and collegial working atmosphere
  • All the education and training you need
  • We would be happy to let you know what else we have to offer in a personal conversation


“I have been involved in a project from the very beginning. We look at what exactly needs to be done and discuss the approach. In consultation with the planning and project management, I then draw up the work plan and we make an inventory of who will do what. Once that's done, I'll convey it to the boys and we'll get started. I manage and coordinate, but of course I also roll up my sleeves. And I am the one who has daily contact with the client.

I have been working at DDM for nineteen years now. I am currently working on an industrial demolition job at a German chemical company. Their work continues as usual around our work. I like those kinds of challenges, where the highest safety requirements apply. The more complex the better, we are good at that. And we like to show that to our clients.
We have a strong team, with good energy. Only the best end result is good enough. Our communication is also aimed at this, we discuss everything. About work of course, but also about personal matters. The better we are attuned to each other, the better it is for our work. And all the more efficient. Because keeping an eye on costs is also our job. I have every confidence in the future. Demolition, disassembly and recycling is being done on an increasingly larger scale. That's great, then I can continue working here for a long time.”

Mario's featured project

“In the nineteen years that I have worked at DDM, I have done many projects. And actually all equally special. Twice I participated in the demolition of an oil rig. Doing your work at sea, with a crane on a boat, really gives you a huge kick. But honestly, if you have to dismantle eight large ovens in two weeks like we did in Gelsenkirchen, it gives just as much of a kick.”

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