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Removal of floating tank roof in Wesseling

Wesseling, Germany Dismantling

Removal of floating tank roof in Wesseling

DDM Deutschland recently removed a floating roof from a large storage tank. The floating roof weighed no less than 125 tonnes. In order to gain access to the tank roof, two existing access openings (manholes) had to be opened from above, as access to the tank roof was not possible in any other way due to a defective staircase. Not an easy job!

The dismantling specialists were transported to the top of the tank roof in a work platform. During the work on the roof, the dismantling specialists wore respiratory protection, gas detectors and rescue harnesses, as there could be a toxic, explosive or oxygen-deficient gas atmosphere. Clearance measurements were taken prior to the work to ensure safety.

To remove the roof, 26 steel trestles had to be assembled first. The trestles served to stabilise the roof. In the meantime, the necessary mobile cranes were assembled. The roof was cut loose in parts with the cutting torch so that the pieces could be lifted out of the tank with a mobile crane. Finally, the roof was scrapped at the designated scrap yard and recycled by authorised processors.

Safety was again a top priority in this project. The work was continuously supervised by at least two safety supervisors.

DDM looks back on a successful project with, once again, zero incidents. The tank was delivered to the client two weeks earlier than planned with not a single dent or scratch in the tank bottom.

2 weeks
2 weeks


The Quality and Health, Safety and the Environment policy is an ongoing process. That is why DDM is continuously working on improving all these areas to keep improving safety levels.

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DDM was rewarded with a World Demolition Award in the Civils category.

Removing 5 arch bridges over the Amsterdam Rhine Canal was an intensive job. The schedule was tight and the expectations of all employees were high. But with a joint effort and incredible passion, DDM has successfully removed and recycled the 5 bridges within schedule.


Every year DDM holds a number of safety days to boost safety awareness.

Last year's objectives are evaluated and new objectives are determined. All managers and all operational employees discuss safety, policy and vision together. In addition to all regular training courses, DDM offers workshops and training to all employees during these days to take the qualities of the professionals to an even higher level. Together with all DDM employees, we are working on an increasingly higher safety ethic. Everyone at DDM carries out their work in a safe and healthy manner, with sufficient attention to the environment. And they're getting better at it. This applies to everyone; back to work healthy and safe and back home healthy.


Dow has awarded DDM a certificate for Outstanding Safety Performance.

Following various demolition and disassembly projects that DDM carries out worldwide for Dow Chemical Company, DDM has received recognition for its excellent safety performance during implementation. DDM always continues to strive for a higher level of safety. Safety First! Read below a quote from the letter that DDM received from Dow. “In summary, DDM continues to deliver excellent performance in safely planning and executing all work related to Dow demolition projects. We truly believe that your company's exceptional efforts continue to be a reflection of the leadership and support of you and the entire DDM Management team. "

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