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Special transport asbestos-containing column

24 meters long and a weight of 46 tons over the road.

On the other hand, we have a vehicle that can be transported to the sea. It was a bijzonder transport that was very strong, the column is 24 meters long and weighs 46 tons. The transported earth is transported at the same time as a stop at the factories on the ground of one of the opdrachtgevers. The color is from the previous inventory on the presence of asbestos, the bleek het geval.

Once the vehicle has been transported, we will be transported to the area on the surface of the vehicle to start the project, which will be transported to the sea. The purpose of this opdrachtgever is that there are extra works on the ground, including all official operational obligations.

Op onze werf in De Meern hebben with a vast containment waar with large (and small) asbestos houdende objects can be removed. This means that the equipment can be made and used before manufacturing.

You can use your own equipment to make the most of your work on your own land on your own ground and save on costs or other things.