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Safety Day 2021

'Safety first. Always and everywhere.' Is an integrated quote within DDM. Safety is always at the top of the agenda. This of course includes a safety day. Every year, all employees are invited on location to discuss safety matters and to increase the safety awareness of employees.

In the past two years, a safety day could not take place due to COVID-19. This year, however, the safety day could take place and DDM made good use of this by making the most of this day.

Everyone is expected to be present to achieve the above goal as optimally as possible. The day starts with a presentation from the QHSE department with the highlights of the past year regarding safety. Why is this important? - During the presentation there was a nice dialogue between the safety department and the executive employees. Such a conversation provides new insights and mutual understanding for various views on various situations.

The management then shared its vision on safety and the company's progress. In essence, the message was that we can be satisfied and proud of the safety level, which is evident from the fact that our clients have rated the safety awareness level with an average of 8.5. We must continue to cherish this together as one DDM and draw each other's attention to how important safety is for DDM.

In addition to the discussions and views on safety, our employees have also started working on a 'Sufficiently Instructed Person' training to keep the day practically educational. All in all, DDM can be proud of the course of this day and aims to make it an educational, binding day again next year.