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Removing a signal box in Schwedt

A signal box was recently demolished near Schwedt, Germany by various dismantling specialists from DDM Deutschland.

Before DDM's dismantling specialists could start demolishing the signal box, protective measures had to be taken to ensure safety during the work. For example, steel plates have been laid down, including a drop bed to protect the soil and underground cables and pipes. These protective measures ensured that a safe demolition method could be followed.

After applying these control measures, the building was stripped and protective layers were removed from the floors. The roof cladding was then removed and the signal box could ultimately be demolished with our demolition crane equipped with a long arm and scissors. The foundations and floor slabs have been removed below ground level.

The various waste flows are then separated and disposed of in the appropriate containers. The building was professionally demolished and the client indicated that he was very satisfied with the way DDM removed the building.