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Removal of Terneuzen chain park

In September we started removing the former contractor park on a site in Terneuzen.

In connection with the changed internal regulations at a customer, all contractors must have removed their former accommodation from the contractor park before the end of the year. All permanent contractors have found replacement accommodation in a newly built contractor park outside the site on the east side of the Western Scheldt tunnel. Most contractors have now moved in here and the others will do so in the last months of the year.

DDM has been commissioned by various contractors to remove their former shelters. In total, we currently have an order to clear approximately 122 units, 8 warehouses and various containers.

All chain, warehouses, containers, etc. are cleared by us with a mobile crane. Removing materials are separated as much as possible directly on site and disposed of in separate waste streams.

The work is going well and is approximately halfway completed.

It is expected that all work will be completed before the end of the year.