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Older cooling tower makes way for new construction

At a large chemical factory in Antwerp, DDM has just completed the first phase of a two-part project: the demolition of a 4-cell and an 8-cell cooling tower.

Both towers were forty years old, in poor condition and finished with asbestos plating. So there is every reason to replace the towers with new construction. The demolition of the 4-cell tower was recently completed. DDM started on the roof. Because it was a blow-off tower, in a steel frame, containing a complex mechanism, extreme care had to be taken. Once the roof was free, the asbestos sheets had to be removed. This was done from a man box on a crane. The tower has been stripped down plate by plate. The wooden structure was then broken down using the crane with the long arm, and the remains were dropped into the basin of the cooling tower in a controlled manner. This made it easy to clean up with a mini tap, which was placed in the basin. The pelvis is then thoroughly cleaned. The cooling tower also included four large concrete columns that raised water. These pillars were crushed with bolt cutters, down to the floor of the cooling tower. The foundations of the pillars were cut with a diamond cable, leaving a smooth surface. A good start for the construction of the new cooling tower.