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Old reactor Dubai

The DDM team has returned to Dubai, ready to get back to work!

It was a relief to the entire team that all the necessary paperwork was in place and work could begin as planned.

A safety advisor, a supervisor and a crane operator worked hard in the first few days to repair the fencing, cut and remove the tube portal on the main structure and move all DDM materials and equipment to the workplace. The project started with the removal of all low buildings for the process plant with the Komatsu PC 490 equipped with scrap shear.

A long arm excavator was brought onto site at the start of the project to start cutting the main reactor building. the Volvo EC750, with the high reach due to the long arm, is the first of its kind in the United Arab Emirates and is located right next to the factory floor. It therefore attracts a lot of attention from spectators and passers-by.

We have more than met the schedule for removing the main building.

After completing the work at the reactor building, the team must then carefully dismantle installations, equipment and pipes that are in the immediate vicinity of cables and pipes. Much of this work is done with scissor-assisted machines and manually. Cold work techniques are used for this. The work is scheduled to be completed at the end of May, before the warm weather really starts.