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Expansion of the machine park!

DDM recently became the proud owner of the Kobelco 260LC-11 with a Stage V engine. This 27-ton crawler crane with a power of 138 kW fits well with DDM's policy to become more sustainable.

In addition, the various fuel-saving functions contribute to achieving DDM's sustainability objectives. The crane has a spray installation, magnet installation and no fewer than 11 pieces of equipment can be adjusted on the crane.

A number of major advantages of this crane are the new innovative model, a larger counterweight and the advanced warning system. This means that the tap cannot simply fail and no unintentional damage can occur. DDM considers this additional control of the system to be valuable in keeping our employees safe.

The crane will start on a beautiful project in Cologne. DDM is proud of this new addition and can't wait to have this crane running worldwide!