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Dismantle chemical plant and gas turbines

At the beginning of 2018, DDM was commissioned to carry out the dismantling of a chemical plant and installations, including gas turbines.

The order included the demolition of chemical factories, gas turbines and installations of three small power stations on the site of a chemical plant in Hamburg. The quotation phase was very complicated because the client has high requirements for such a quotation. This includes a work plan, a safety plan, a description of the work methods, and so on. In addition to these plans, risk analyzes were also drawn up according to the customer's standards and procedures for each job and task. The customer rated the quality of these plans as very good. Piping with and without Teflon lining, as well as pumps and tanks, are removed from the plant. It is a complicated job because not all the pipework in the pipe bridges has to be removed. There are still pipes in operation. In addition, some tanks are placed in buildings and are difficult to access.

The small power plants on the site mainly consist of gas turbines. These have been silent for years. A new power station was put into use for this purpose a few years ago. That is why the customer wants to make room for something new.