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Demolition of a bunker

DDM has been commissioned to demolish a bunker consisting of steel concrete. During the demolition, approximately 6,500 tons of steel and 600 tons of concrete must be demolished mechanically.

In anticipation of the project, approximately 50 tons of steel must be dismantled in a controlled manner using a telecrane. All waste materials must be sorted and cut to size by DDM and taken to a waste processing facility.

Due to the many health risks that the substance poses, extra attention is paid to this in this project. Modern face masks and respiratory protection (Air Stream helmet) are standard equipment on this project.

In addition, employees undergo regular medical examinations. A lot of dust is released during demolition; With water cannons we keep this to a minimum. And the environment is burdened as little as possible.

The client is very satisfied with the implementation of the project. We hope that this will enable us to carry out more projects for this client in the future.