Turn around at an oil refinery in Greece

DISMANTLING Projects | Turn around, shutdown in Greece

Over the years, all production installations lose capacity, therefore these installations should be maintained periodically. In addition to the maintenance of the installations, DDM also does the full coordination of all contractors during these shut-downs. The installations can function optimally afterwards. DDM performs this work on several sites in different countries, this time in Greece.

"In total, we were a team of 40" says Site Manager Dave Straker. "A strong and experienced team were present, to ensure the project was well guided and controlled. We worked hard, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, in two shifts. Using different techniques and the tools associated with it, we were able to carry out the maintenance of the entire installation. A very precise and intensive work.

DDM has now built a strong reputation in our ability in turn arounds and shutdowns. "We are proud to be able to do it" says Dave. "We have done so many times and in so many different locations that it has become one of our specialties. Most clients know that to and appreciate our flexibility. They only have to give a call and we're already on our way, with the right people, machines and tools to any location anywhere in the world."



Athens, Greece


Pijp / Fornuis / Schoorsteen


  • - 40 specialists


24 hours per day
7 days a week

Project duration

1 months

Safety First! Always.

The Quality and Health, Safety and the Environment policy is an ongoing process. That is why DDM is continuously working on improving all these areas to keep improving safety levels.
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