"This method allowed the pipes to be dismantled quickly, safely & cleanly."

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A trusted client came to us with a request. Pipes needed to be dismantled at short notice, in which there might still be some residual product (bitumen).

Based on the product data sheets and site visits, a risk assessment and a schedule were drawn up, after which the team of dismantling specialists was put together and the appropriate working equipment was gathered. After receiving the work permit from the company, we could get started. At the start of the work, it immediately became clear that we were not dealing with "a bit of residual product", but with full pipes.

The following working method emerged to dismantle the pipes. At each separation point, the dismantling specialists took an old bottle, cut it to size, sheathed the separation points and made a hole to fill with dry ice. After a few minutes, this spot had cooled to -35 degrees. The product itself was -11 degrees, became a thick mass again and could be cut. Then the cut area was covered with foil and secured against leakage. The dismantled pipes were professionally emptied, flushed and then taken to authorised processors.

With this method, the pipes could be dismantled quickly, safely & cleanly. The client was very satisfied with DDM's creative method.




Cologne, Germany


  • - Various dismantling specialists

Project duration

1 weeks

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