"After dismantling, a 20-metre conveyor belt, a drum and a heat exchanger were transported to their new owner."

Dismantling of paraformaldehyde plant

DISMANTLING Projects | Dismantling of paraformaldehyde plant

DEMOLITION Projects | Dismantling of paraformaldehyde plant

On behalf of a trusted client, DDM partially dismantled and demolished a paraformaldehyde plant in Genk. Efficiency played a major role during this project because a new purpose was found for the plant. After dismantling, a 20-metre conveyor belt, a drum and a heat exchanger were transported to their new owner.

How did this project proceed? The dismantling specialists dismantled the drum and heat exchanger using an electric crane. Next, a special transport frame was welded together to be able to move the drum on transport.

The conveyor belt was manoeuvred out of the hall using heavy load rollers and a forklift truck. Next, the conveyor belt was placed on special transport with the help of forklift trucks and a mobile crane.

The remaining parts of the unit were removed, sorted into waste streams and deposited in containers to be converted into new building materials by authorised processors.

The plant was dismantled and broken up within four weeks thanks to the efficient approach of our dismantling team. The preserved parts have now arrived at their new destination where the new owner is very satisfied with the condition of the parts.

Safety was once again a top priority in this project and the client was very satisfied with the professional approach. DDM can proudly look back on a beautiful and challenging project!




Genk, België


  • - Mobile tyre crane with sorting grab
  • - 2 forklift trucks
  • - Various aerial work platforms
  • - Various cranes
  • - Electric crane
  • - 4 dismantling specialists

Project duration

4 weeks

Safety First! Always.

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