"The hall was 160 metres long, 34 metres wide and had a height of 22 metres."

Dismantling of an industrial hall in Olen, Belgium

DISMANTLING Projects | Dismantling of an industrial hall in Olen, Belgium

DDM was asked to remove an industrial hall in Olen, Belgium. The old hall had to be demolished, foundations taken out and the entire site made ready to make way for a new plant. After accurately completing the work preparation phase, the dismantling of the factory hall could begin.

The hall was 160 metres long, 34 metres wide and had a height of 22 metres. Most of the industrial hall was dismantled using demolition excavators equipped with various pieces of equipment. The industrial hall contained roller bridges, which had to be removed. The overhead cranes were cut away and cleared using demolition excavators.

After removing the gable plates and roller bridges, work could begin on demolishing the hall down to ground level. The hall was accurately separated from the building to be retained.

Sustainability again played a major role during this project. The aim was to separate 100% of materials and DDM successfully achieved this goal. The resulting concrete was crushed on site and used to create a piling platform in the resulting construction zone.

The same process took place when removing underground massifs and foundations.

After the floor slabs, foundations and massifs were taken out, the sewer system and associated manholes were also removed. In some places even to a depth of -5 m. The entire area of +/-10,000 m² was re-compacted in layers of 0.5 m and finished with geotextile and 25 cm of crushed rubble from the foundations and floor slabs.

At the height of operations, there were 10 different large machines running simultaneously in yet a limited area.

The client indicated that they were very satisfied with the craftsmanship and expertise shown by DDM's staff. This resulted in the fact that within the budgeted period, DDM delivered the work without a single incident to a very satisfied client!



Olen, Belgium


Fabriek / Hal


  • - Machinists
  • - Dismantling specialists
  • - Various demolition excavators with attachments

Project duration

10 weeks

Safety First! Always.

The Quality and Health, Safety and the Environment policy is an ongoing process. That is why DDM is continuously working on improving all these areas to keep improving safety levels.
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