"The great challenge in this project was the distance between the lighting poles and the size of the work site."

Dismantling of lighting poles in Ostend station

DEMOLITION Projects | Dismantling lighting poles

DISMANTLING Projects | Dismantling lighting poles

**This beautiful project took place at the station of Ostend, the largest coastal city in Belgium on behalf of Jacops nv. 8 concrete light masts had to be removed. These were light masts of various sizes and weights. It was quite a challenge because the masts were each 300 meters apart and this over a length of 3 km. **

The term 'temporary and mobile construction site' could therefore be taken very literally for this project. DDM was also bound by the outer dimensions of the tracks at various times, which meant that we could not work continuously or during the weekdays.

Because we could not always reach the pylons with the crane, some pylons had to be hoisted first. For this we used cranes of different tonnages, with or without full ballast. The 700T crane had to be able to lift the mast 42m high at 66m HOH distance (closer was not possible due to the local station infrastructure). It was also quite a challenge to get the job done safely without hitting the tracks, railroad elements or overhead wires. It was also an extremely precise job to ensure a correct direction of fall. Sometimes we were given a 15 minute time span between 2 passing trains in which we had to drop the pylons. The masts were brought down in a very controlled way and in exactly the direction we wanted. The customer was satisfied and we were naturally very proud!




Ostend station, Belgium




  • - 4 specialists
  • - 120tons, 200tons, 300tons, 400tons and 700tons cranes + 72m luffing jib
  • - 28tons crawler crane
  • - Tire crane
  • - Aerial platforms
  • - Tower crane with lifting cage
  • - Steel plates
  • - Draglines
  • - Motor grinders
  • - Various demolition excavators
  • - Various hydraulic cranes
  • - Low- loader transport trailers


84 ton beton
2 ton aluminium

Project duration

3 weeks

Safety First! Always.

The Quality and Health, Safety and the Environment policy is an ongoing process. That is why DDM is continuously working on improving all these areas to keep improving safety levels.
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