"DDM has done everything possible to dismantle the 11G/12G vehicles within the stipulated time frame."

Dismantling 11G/12G trams GVB

DISMANTLING Projects | Dismantling 11G/12G trams GVB

DEMOLITION Projects | Dismantling 11G/12G trams GVB

Amsterdam's city transport company GVB has said goodbye to the 11G/12G trams after 32 years, GVB is preparing to purchase the 15G series of trams that will go into service from 2021 to replace the old 11G/12G vehicles.

DDM was asked to charge and transport the old current 11G/12G trams in combination with van der Vlist to DDM's specially equipped location in De Meern, and ultimately to dismantle and recycle them independently.

DDM started dismantling the trams on 5 July 2021. The total weight of a decommissioned tram is considerable, so it is not an everyday job... A team of dismantling specialists prepared our site to receive the trams. Among other things, special facilities were installed to be able to unload the trams from the low loader without using lifting equipment. Before the demolition of the trams could begin, the foreman checked whether there was any damage or defects to the trams that could pose a danger to people and the environment. After all, safe working practices are a top priority at DDM at all times.

DDM did everything in its power to dismantle the 11G/12G vehicles within the set frameworks. DDM mechanically demolished the trams using a demolition crane equipped with a shear, demolition and sorting grab. In addition, various parts were manually dismantled by our dismantling specialists. The various waste flows originating from the trams were processed separately. In this way, the project proceeded without calamities in a sustainable manner.

The GVB is very pleased with DDM as a cooperation partner. The project was completed without incident and within the specified time. DDM can look back with pride on another successful project.




Utrecht, Nederland


  • - Dismantling specialists
  • - Demolition crane
  • - Scissors, demolition and sorting grab

Project duration

4 months




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