"100 Ton 100% gerecycled"

Circular demolition of a stripper

DEMOLITION Projects | Demolition of a stripper

DDM were commissioned by a customer at the Chemelot region in Geleen to process and demolish a stripper which weighed approximately 100 ton.

The stripper was position horizontally on site and there were a number of challenges to be able to demolish and process it in a timely and safe manner. The wall thickness of the stripper was between 110 and 180mm thick in places. The inside of the stripper was equipped with small diameter, high-quality pipes.

We started disassembling the stripper by removing all the auxiliary equipment from the outside of the shell, we then cut and removed both heads. When the heads were removed we started to cut and remove the sleeve using a cutting torch. In consultation with the manufacturer of the stripper, a number of pipes were carefully cut and removed for analysis and research. The remaining pipes were removed from the bundle using a mobile excavator equipped with Selector Grab. This working methodology allowed the work to be completed in an efficient time frame and ahead of schedule. The work has been executed and completed to the full satisfaction of the customer.

All the processed materials were to be fully recycled, the reusable parts were returned to the manufacturer to be reused and the remaining scrap were sent off site to be recycled. The manufacturer refurbished the salvaged parts and will reuse them in the construction of new strippers.



Geleen, Nederland


  • - Mobile excavator
  • - Cherry picker
  • - Cutting torch
  • - Two dismantling specialists

Project duration

6 weeks

Safety First! Always.

The Quality and Health, Safety and the Environment policy is an ongoing process. That is why DDM is continuously working on improving all these areas to keep improving safety levels.
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