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DDM has written an article published in the magazine 'Utrecht Business'. In the article, CEO Theo Velis sets out what the young generation means to DDM with several young professionals speaking.

DDM operates internationally in the fields of dismantling, relocation, demolition and asbestos removal. DDM is also engaged in selling, trading and reusing industrial equipment and recycling other materials. Since 1990, the company has developed into one of the market leaders in their industry. Technical innovation and a very high standard of safety, quality and environment ensure that DDM provides service to a wide range of customers with diverse projects. Five DDM employees talk about the company, their role and the interaction between different generations.

Theo Velis – CEO

" Working in the petrochemical industry requires a lot of knowledge and expertise. You don't learn this knowledge and expertise from a book but through experience. That is why I think it is extremely important to integrate young people into the company. In this way, we have developed a working climate within DDM that embraces the differences between generations. For instance, we invest in employee education and training. By hiring staff at a young age and training them in the industry, we are assured of well-trained professionals in the future."

"In addition, I think not only DDM but companies in general need to invest in the young generation. The young generation has been brought up to move with the advancing technological developments. This is of great value to companies. The innovative outlook of the young professionals, combined with the knowledge and expertise of the seniors, creates dynamism. Topics such as sustainability, commerce, safety and technological developments have developed strongly in recent years. We owe this largely to the investment in the young generation."

Laurens Bruijs – HSEQ manager

"Safety is in DDM's DNA, we always say. We owe that DNA to the generation above us. The bar in terms of safety has been set high from the time DDM was founded. We as a young generation have to keep it there, if not raise it even higher. In the field in which we operate, there is no other way. Demolition, dismantling and relocation work is always high-risk. Even just giving in on safety immediately carries far-reaching consequences for our employees or the people around them."

"Within DDM, I am lucky to work with a young safety team. The advantage of this is that we have an innovative view within the organisation on methodologies and work situations. Combined with the bin experience of our seniors within the firm that we can lean on, this makes us live up to our safety DNA on all projects worldwide."

Emma van Duijvenbode – Sustainability manager

"The climate problem is an extremely complex issue. Greenhouse gas emissions are deeply rooted in our social routines. The sustainability policy within DDM therefore has clear frameworks and plays a major role organisation-wide. From an early age, the young generation is confronted with the negative consequences of extensive greenhouse gas emissions. The refreshing view the young generation has on the sustainability policy within DDM creates innovation that is important. The innovative outlook combined with the expertise of the seniors creates a nice balance in decision-making."

"To ensure continuous improvement, DDM is certified for several systems that complement and deepen the management system in the field of sustainability. As an extension, DDM will be certified to the CO2 performance ladder in January 2023. Also, within two years, DDM's old office building in De Meern will be replaced by a brand new energy-neutral office building! This shows that DDM is looking far ahead to keep the earth habitable for the next generation."

Jeffrey Burgers – Project engineer

"From a young age, DDM has given me the confidence to develop further as a project engineer. Last year, DDM dismantled the old Lekbrug near Vianen, in which I was allowed to play a role as a young project engineer. Removing a bridge that weighs 5,000 tonnes involves many techniques. For me as a young employee of DDM, it was incredibly interesting to supervise a project and work with the team towards a beautiful end result."

"DDM works not only locally but also internationally. Recently, I have been working a lot in Germany to expand my area of knowledge and be a supporting factor for DDM Deutschland GmbH. By being outside with colleagues and asking a lot of questions, you learn a lot from the people doing the work outside. Combined with my innovative outlook with knowledge of the latest working methods and technologies, this makes for a rock-solid combination!"

Jorn Vermeer – Commercial manager

"Commercialisation is the art of finding the client that suits you and convincing them to buy our services. It is an essential part of any successful business. We at DDM have to be knowledgeable about the projects and techniques we offer. That is also directly where the good cooperation with the generation above us lies. They have already carried out many projects and have the knowledge to support and teach our generation about complex dismantling projects. From dismantling the old Lek Bridge near Vianen to moving or dismantling small machines in the region."

"Good communication is key. Without communicating effectively with clients, it is difficult to close a deal. As a result, young people are a valuable addition to any company. We are often more familiar with the latest (digital) technologies and trends, which allows us to come up with innovative ideas and solutions. We are also well versed in the world of social media. This can help us enter into new business opportunities and develop new services. A diverse team with different ages, experiences and knowledge can help a company move forward!"

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