Special transport discarded piece of equipment from industry

DDM is currently carrying out work on a client's site in Zeeland. A disused industrial installation had to be decontaminated; this was a challenge on the project site as it would entail various risks. DDM had a solution for this!

Recently a discarded piece of industrial equipment was transported from Zeeland to the DDM site in De Meern. Transporting the installation piece was a challenge because it is a large object. The installation piece was transported using special transport and then lifted off using a heavy mobile crane.

The decontamination of the De Meern plant is of great benefit to the client, because it means that less work has to be done on the client's own site.

At the DDM site in De Meern a permanent containment has been set up where the specialists from DDM can carry out both large and small remediation operations. The decontamination of the end-of-life installation is carried out by a number of specialists from DDM who have a great deal of experience in this type of work. The client has indicated that it is very satisfied with the way in which the discarded piece of installation was transported and remediated in De Meern.

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