Removal of bridge decking in Schiedam

The combination Boogbrug Vianen consisting of KWS, Ves (Volkerrail Engineering Services) and DDM Demontage has removed the old Boogbrug over the lek near Vianen, by order of Rijkswaterstaat.

After sailing out the arch bridge and lowering the arch in the Beatrix lock, the arch bridge was transported on a pontoon to the dismantling location in Schiedam. Upon arrival in Schiedam, the bowstring had to be removed from the pontoon and placed on the quay for further dismantling into recyclable pieces. How does this process work?

DDM divided the bridge on the pontoon into three parts so that the bridge sections could be driven from the pontoon to the work site using spmt's (Self-propelled Modular Transporter). The bridge was cut into liftable pieces with the cutting torch from various platforms at height. Large sections were then lifted using the DDM wire crane in order to be further reduced on the specially designed work floor. Once on the ground, the steel arch parts were cut to size for recycling using the cutting torch.

The dismantling specialists from DDM are extremely focused on the work and give it their all. They do this at the construction site in Vianen where the southern approach bridge is being demolished and at the demolition site in Schiedam. As a collective, they put their shoulders to the wheel to ensure that the set objectives are achieved in a responsible and safe manner.

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