Old trains become new raw materials

In the harbour region of Amsterdam, DDM is now working on the circular disassembly of the first batch of DDMs: double-decker rolling stock.

Scrapped, economically unsustainable train units, with the goal of recycling at least 96%. These DDMs are part of a 3-year contract, which concerns a total of eighty to a hundred units, in various models. It is certainly no standard project, and many different parties are involved. DDM operates as the connecting link and coordinates all activities at two sites: the collection and the disassembly site. Before we remove the scrapped rolling stock from the track at the collection site, the NS removes all usable components and fluids.

We inspect the carriage and if necessary, we take extra measures. It is then put on its side, and prepared for special transport over the public road to the disassembly site, ten kilometres away. In the end, nothing is left of the train other than plastic, iron, rubber and glass. For the people at the disassembly site, it is also a special project; normally materials are delivered there in containers. We come with complete train units, which we take apart on-site. That attracts plenty of onlookers, both those with whom we work and onlookers along the route.

That means that we as DDM are very much in the picture in this project. And that visibility means that as a company, you are looked at through a magnifying glass. What we do we must do well: safely, neatly and with a maximum recycling percentage. The visibility of the client is also a crucial factor in this respect; many people still see the train as public property and any irregularity in the process, however small, can have far-reaching consequences for the reputation of the client. That makes our responsibility for perfect handling even greater.

Watch a video of the project on YouTube: https://youtu.be/4f8e8Kvc33k

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