New acquisitions: 90-tonne crane and attachments

Hitachi 890- 7 with stage 5 motor

DDM recently became the proud owner of the Hitachi 890-7 with stage 5 engine. The purchase of this crane shows that DDM is looking to the future. Partly due to the clean engine and the durable character of the crane. DDM also purchased a heavy hammer, a rubble rack and an Epiroc CC6000 with concrete scissors jaws and a scrap jaw.

The crane has a power output of 382kW and an operating weight of 84,600- 87,500 kg. In addition, the crane has versatile functions suitable for various challenging demolition jobs. The excavator is built to perform reliably all day long. The model is built with reinforced components that are ideal for demolition and loading heavy materials.

Durable and comfortable

This crane is less polluting as it consumes up to 20% less fuel compared to previous models. In addition, operators can monitor fuel efficiency - and thus reduce costs - by using the brand new ECO meter.
When considering investing in a crane, we naturally think about our employees as well. The seat of this crane has been designed to reduce employee fatigue. The crane is also designed to have low noise and vibration levels in the cabin. These two factors promote ergonomics and create a more pleasant working environment

Using the crane

The inauguration of the crane took place during the work on the removal of the Arch Bridge in Vianen. It was used to remove pillars of about 650m3. In short, DDM is delighted to share the news of the new crane. This news confirms that DDM is looking for a sustainable future.

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