From naftatank to DDM steel road plate

Demolition of a tank with a diameter of 60 meters

In the autumn of 2018, we were called by a regular customer in Antwerp if we could dismantle an old nafta tank, which had been empty for years, before the end of the year.

We could not do that, but we did have a counter-proposal: make the tank unusable so that it could be removed from the environmental permit. We would then dismantle it ourselves in January 2019. The customer agreed.

In the steel tank, with a diameter of 60 meters, we first made a hole of four by four meters in the tank wall. Then, after we had cut the floating roof, we drove a heavy crane inside to demolish the tank from the inside.
The tank consisted of rings, from thinning steel upwards. The bottom ring had a thickness of 24 mm, the top was 9.5 mm thick. From ring 4 and 5, with a material thickness of 17 and 14mm, we make about 40 usable road plates with dimensions of 5000 * 1800mm.
We therefore process it as practical as possible. All other steel is removed. We expect that we will be ready in mid-February

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