DDM recently completely refurbished one of its cranes.

The Hitachi ZX470 has been running in DDM's machine park for several years now. After several long trips to Asia, the Middle East and recently Germany, this crane deserved some attention.

DDM is careful with its machines and wants them to last as long as possible. For this reason, the decision was made to completely refurbish the machine! One condition, however, is that a used machine must continue to fit well into the process both in terms of technology and machine safety.

In the context of circularity, this is a very successful project. After all, why buy a new crane when you can repair the machine you have properly and equip it with the latest technology! With this project, we showed that sustainability starts with reusing what you have. Just as we do in our demolition projects according to the Ladder of Lansink.

We are very proud of our mechanics who made this possible!

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