Lifting silos in Mechelen

DDM started with the partial dismantling and disassembly of equipment and installations that had been decommissioned.

One of our assignments is hoisting two tanks, and we could only do this when the lorries which always unload on the tank area were not making any deliveries.

Together with the client, we decided to plan this for a Friday and to continue on Saturday if necessary. As this went very smoothly, we could already sign the crane off on Friday afternoon.

We hoisted the tanks out one by one, over the two pipe bridges and turned them onto our demolition area. Our own 90-ton crawler crane took this over on the demolition area.

The first tank T51 (11,500 kg) was parked in a corner on the demolition area, we started straight away with the second tank T73 (10,800 kg), by cutting the silo down in rings. Because we had already made this tank a lot smaller by Saturday, the rest of the silo could be cut small on the following Monday. We used this method to demolish both tanks. This took two weeks in all.

We subsequently started as planned on the same demolition area with hoisting two large silos in sections, T118 and T119, each one 25 metres high and weighing some 30,000 kg. This operation also took two weeks.

All in all, this was a particularly good piece of work with a very pleasant team of men with an exceptionally good atmosphere.

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