Gaining momentum in London

After a long period of idleness, DDM received the request to remove five boilers and two chimneys from the a Power Station in the east of London.

The five boilers are 35 metres high, 20 metres wide and 25 metres long. The two chimneys are 55 metres high. For this, we use a crane with a capacity of 160 tons. We need this for lifting the high-pressure vats, which are at a height of 20 metres. The high-pressure vats weigh more than 40 tons. We also had two 50-ton machines at our disposal, one with a long 28-metre jib. We will need these to remove the piping and air duct at a height. The large and heavy parts will be lifted off and subsequently made smaller on the ground for transporting to the scrap processor.

In the coming weeks, we will remove the air duct including the structure, to free the boilers so that we can work there too with a machine. DDM goes full steam ahead and with a joint positive commitment, DDM will certainly complete this project successfully.

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