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DDM sees its challenge in seemingly impossible projects. Whether it's demolition, disassembling or moving, DDM has successfully completed some of the world's largest projects. The complexity of these projects is clear to everyone involved, but how do you start? The approach requires precision, safety and creativity.

The latter shall be applied by DDM in two branches; finding a creative solution and communicating this solution to the customer. In the business world, film is often chosen over animation, but animation is also very suitable for this. The more complicated the message, the better it is to explain with an animation.


Whether it's demolishing, disassembling or moving a structure, DDM has the necessary expertise in-house. Our solutions are always tailor-made because of the complexity of the challenges. The scale at which we work also means that there are many risks that all need to be addressed. Often customers want to be included in the process.

Explaining a solution in an animation immediately removes ambiguities and misunderstandings. In this way, animation reinforces our message. That way you create interaction with the receiver.

Both 2D animation and 3D animation are very suitable for use. Animation overlays interacting with film images also work well, provided that the film is of good quality. In our company showreel that is available on our homepage, several examples of 3D animations are showcased.

Customer experience

Customers indicate that they appreciate visualizations. That makes it even easier to share the plan with other parties.

"By using animations, DDM makes complex things transparent, it is clear to everyone"

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