Purchase of a 3000 bar high pressure machine

Dismantle and clean installations contaminated with mercury.

We recently purchased a high-pressure water machine to clean installations using 3000 bar of high-pressure water to facilitate work on a new project.

One of our existing clients asked us to dismantle a redundant chlorine electrolysis plant. The equipment that was used in the production, worked by means of an electrolysis process. We plan to dismantle and clean all installations that are contaminated with mercury. The cleaning will be carried out with 3000 bar of high pressure water.

To enable us to do this, we purchased a high-pressure water jetter. In our workshop in the De Meern, our technical engineers have converted a 10ft container and equipped it with all the necessary equipment to make the high pressure unit mobile. Our disassembly specialists have been trained and certified to work with this machine.

The machine will allow DDM to clean at high pressure but also give us the capability to hydro-cut with water. With water cutting, water is mixed with a very fine sand. The nozzle can then cut through iron. This working method is a very useful cold cutting method and will become increasingly important in the future working in high hazardous industries.

The machine will be running on our new project for the foreseeable future. After that, the machine will be available for other assignments. We are ready for the future with this new working method.

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