DEMOLITION: Safe. Solution-oriented. Effective. Sustainable. DDM.

DEMOLITION: Safe. Solution-oriented. Effective. Sustainable. DDM.

Responsible demolition is a profession. It requires engineering, expertise, care, creativity and a keen eye for safety. DDM performs extremely complex demolition works for clients in a wide range of sectors. The more challenging your question, the greater our strength.

We do industrial demolition with an experienced and very well trained team. From machine demolition with large and small demolition excavators to specific, secure work by hand. Our machine portfolio is perfectly geared for this: from small, electric cranes to large, heavy demolition excavators. With a wide range of equipment at our disposal, we always have the right equipment for the chosen working methods available immediately.

Focus on (Petro) chemistry

DDM is mainly concerned with demolition work in the (petro) chemical industry. This focus is due to our impeccable and highly valued reputation in terms of safety and quality. Demolition works in this sector are far from commonplace; they require the maximum in terms of security measures, thinking, expertise, communication and organisation.

Optimal waste disposal

For each project we take care of optimal waste separation: Our recycling rate is 99%. Waste goes to approved waste processors and is recycled and transformed into new building materials.

Our Staff

The safety and craftsmanship of our employees are of paramount importance for the results of our projects. That is why we devote daily attention to the subject of safety. We also invest a lot in basic safety training and further specialist training of our employees.

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What does DDM do exactly?

The demolition work of DDM includes:

  • Demolition of industrial buildings
  • Demolition of factories and installations
  • Demolition of power plants
  • Demolition of storage tanks, cooling towers, industrial furnaces.
  • Demolition of steel and concrete constructions
  • Demolition of Bridges
  • Calamities

For whom?

DDM works in the following sectors:

  • Petrochemical
  • Energy
  • Iron & Steel
  • Construction
  • Offshore

Safety First! Always.

The Quality and Health, Safety and the Environment policy is an ongoing process. That is why DDM is continuously working on improving all these areas to keep improving safety levels.
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