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Expert asbestos remover (DAV) (Limburg)

Limburg, Netherlands 40

Do you want to do people and the environment a service? Are you meticulous, eager to learn and not afraid to be away from home often? Then this vacancy is for you!

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Asbestos remediation is your expertise. You ensure that it is removed, stored and disposed of efficiently and according to the guidelines. After instruction by the Expert Asbestos Supervisor (DTA) and the work planner, you will start working according to the work plan and safety plan. You start building containment and only finish after the very last asbestos fiber has been safely removed. You work under the supervision of a DTA and follow all instructions carefully.

Even though you know exactly what you are doing, you are always alert to potentially dangerous situations. Asbestos is your specialty, but you are also prepared to carry out other demolition work where appropriate. If an unexpected situation arises, you make a decision on the spot to resolve it. And if you notice that work is not being done in accordance with the guidelines, you stop work.


  • You are in possession of a valid certificate 'Expert Asbestos Remover (DAV-1 or DAV-2)'
  • Has a medical examination/declaration
  • Have a VCA Basic diploma or are willing to obtain one
  • Have knowledge of (and preferably experience with) using machines and equipment
  • You are in possession of a driving license B (E behind B is an advantage).
  • Preferably in possession of a forklift and aerial work platform certificate
  • Likes irregular working hours and working 'for a living'.


  • An excellent salary
  • A professional and collegial working atmosphere
  • All the education and training you need
  • We would be happy to let you know what else we have to offer in a personal conversation


“As a DAV member, I am the one who actually removes the asbestos. From building the containment to remediation and cleaning. This often concerns gaskets that need to be removed at chemical factories. If there is less asbestos work to do, I am also deployed as a dismantling employee. I think that's nice. That all people at DDM are multifunctional. That makes us strong and decisive.

If we have an asbestos removal job, we have the items ready a day in advance. We build the containment and set up the entire work area according to the regulations. Then we start with remediation. Then we clean the entire area. That is often more work than the remediation itself. Only after the laboratory technician has determined that the very last fiber has been removed are we finished. Sometimes we bring objects to our own warehouse in De Meern. We have a permanent containment there.
When you're just starting out in this line of work, there's a lot to think about. I sometimes thought 'what have I gotten myself into'. To do well, you have to strictly follow the rules and learn a lot. And you have to be willing to accept things from your DTA. A stubborn attitude won't get you far here.

Furthermore, you have to be flexible. The first question you should ask yourself is: how do I deal with having to make a living? Because that is inextricably linked to this work. You're away from home a lot, so you have to be able to handle that.”

Patrick's featured project

“Every project has its own challenge. The first thing that comes to mind is that we once had to move machines in a large car factory. We were there with a great group of people and it was fascinating to tear everything down and put it back together elsewhere. to build. It had nothing to do with asbestos, but because DDM is always multifunctional, you can also be deployed for these types of projects. I like that variety.”

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