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(Dis)assembly and demolition employee (Antwerp)

Antwerpen, Belgium 40

Are you a hard worker, eager to learn and not afraid of anything? And do you like to be deployed everywhere? Then this vacancy is for you!

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Dismantling, cutting, cleaning, on the shovel or on the crane. What your day looks like is determined by the project you are scheduled for and what qualities you have in-house. You carry out the work assigned to you in an efficient manner. You take good care of your equipment and tools and strictly adhere to the general and project-specific rules and safety regulations.
You ensure that you perform your work safely. Anywhere and anytime. And if you identify a potentially dangerous situation, you should immediately report it to your manager.


  • Have a VCA Basic diploma or are willing to obtain one
  • Have knowledge of (and preferably experience with) using equipment
  • You are in possession of a driving license B (E behind B is an advantage).
  • Likes irregular working hours and working 'for a living'.


  • An excellent salary
  • A professional and collegial working atmosphere
  • All the education and training you need
  • We would be happy to let you know what else we have to offer in a personal conversation


“Demolition is a fascinating world. I basically do whatever is necessary. Lately the emphasis has been more on asbestos. I have completed the Expert Asbestos Remover (DAV) and Expert Asbestos Removal Supervisor (DTA) training courses. My range of tasks is therefore very broad. And what I want to learn, I can learn. This is fully supported by DDM.

I regularly work abroad, but never for more than a few weeks. I love getting away from Dutch life for a while. Even when I'm not working abroad, I'm only home on weekends. The petrochemical industry is usually not just around the corner.

What attracts me so much about this work? That you really see results from what you do. For example, there is a factory somewhere, so you have an empty space. And it is very responsible work, we cannot afford mistakes. The atmosphere among colleagues is also good. Everyone is up for a joke, but when we are at work we are dead serious. I love that. During the week we often all stay together in a holiday home. I wake up more often in the presence of colleagues than next to my own partner. That is a way of life that should suit you.”

Featured project by Ad

“One of my favorite projects is the cleaning of flexicokers. That project occurs every 2.5 years, including in Greece and Rotterdam. Crude oil is processed in the flexicoker. That cakes and over time the whole thing gets stuck because the caked layer has become too thick. We then cut them away within two to three weeks, in shifts. We then work 24 hours a day, in shifts of approximately two hours. That's really poking fun. A battle of man and air hammer against the oil residue, but with a great team spirit. I get enormous satisfaction from that

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