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Demolition crane operator (Antwerp)

Antwerpen, Belgium

Do you feel at home on the demolition crane? Regardless of which project you need to operate it on? Then this vacancy is for you!

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You operate the demolition crane. You do this efficiently and in accordance with the general and project-specific rules and safety regulations. You cut or break objects such as buildings and storage tanks made of steel and concrete into pieces in the air, underground or in the water.

What you demolish, you bring down in a controlled and safe manner. You sort materials and waste and, if necessary, make it smaller or to size. Depending on the project, your crane can be equipped with, among other things, a hydraulic hammer, pulverizer, shears, cutter or sorting grab.


  • Have demonstrable experience in a similar position in the (construction or) demolition industry
  • Have a VCA Basic diploma or are willing to obtain one
  • Knows the safety requirements regarding the crane and working environment
  • Know how to maintain your faucet and make simple repairs


  • An excellent salary
  • A professional and collegial working atmosphere
  • All the education and training you need
  • We would be happy to let you know what else we have to offer in a personal conversation


“I work on the hydraulic demolition crane, which can handle different arms up to a length of 28 meters. For heavier demolition work. Large storage tanks, for example, or heavy buildings made of iron and concrete for which heavy demolition shears are used. I do that every day. And it never gets boring.

I always wanted to become a crane operator. Before I joined DDM, I mainly demolished houses and churches, but at a certain point that became routine. And when something becomes routine, you have to leave. Then I started working at DDM. DDM works extensively in the petrochemical industry. A new world opened up for me. Your work should not come naturally, then at some point the fun will stop. That won't happen to me at DDM. The petrochemical industry offers a new challenge every day.

And that mainly lies in finding solutions yourself. I work a lot at heights. That is challenging work. Where should you cut, at what point can you collapse a structure, you must be sure of your approach. And the people around you have to trust that you know what you are doing. That is an enormous responsibility, which I stand for and which all of DDM stands for. When we do something, we are 100% convinced that it will turn out well.

For this work it is also important that you have insight into reverse construction. What you demolish was once drawn by an architect and built in a certain order. Demolition should be done exactly the opposite way. Otherwise everything will collapse, with all the associated risks. Furthermore, you have to secure trade; iron and steel make quite a bit of money.”

Featured project by Marcel

“I am always most excited about my most recent project. I am currently working on the demolition of a huge gas tank. A construction with two tanks on top of each other, whereby the inner one must first be removed. A hole has been made in the construction, through which my crane can pass. So now I'm inside the tank cutting. And so every project is unique.”

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