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Removal of water tanks

DISMANTLING Projects | Removal of water tanks

Working within the military field, DDM was tasked to remove two water tanks from the main fire suppression system from an operational production hall. Minimal inconvenience to the production staff was a prerequisite. In addition, we were not allowed to use hot works in the way of cutting torches or combustion engine machines.

The works were undertaken exclusively using electrically driven machines: aerial platforms, forklifts and mini cranes. Using reciprocating / fein saws we cut the tanks in location. Cut sections of the tanks were loaded into scrap containers using electric hoisting cranes before being removed from the 250m production hall by forklift.

On completion of the tank removal, the concrete foundations and plinths had to be removed. The concrete had to be broken out and removed without damaging the existing concrete flooring and surrounding infrastructure. To enable this to be carried out safely, electrically powered excavators with breakers were used to gradually reduce the concrete foundations down.

The client was very satisfied with the preparation, planning and execution of the work undertaken by DDM on this project.



Utrecht, Netherlands


  • - 3 specialists
  • - Electric excavator 1700kg
  • - Reciprocating saw
  • - Mobile elevating work platform
  • - Forklift

Project duration

2 weeks

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