Demolishing a bunker

DDM received the order for demolishing a bunker, which consisted of steel reinforced concrete. Some 6,500 tons of steel and 600 tons of concrete have to be mechanically demolished.

Prior to the project, we had to dismantle about 50 tons of steel in a controlled way using a telescopic crane. We had to sort out all waste materials and DDM had to cut them to size and take them to a waste processor.

Based on the many health risks that are involved with dust, we paid extra attention to this on this project. Modern face masks and respiratory equipment (Airstream helmets) are standard issue on this project.

Employees are also regularly given a medical check-up. The demolition work releases a lot of dust; we restrict this to a minimum by using a water cannon. This has the least impact on the surrounding area and the environment.

The client is very satisfied with the execution of the project. We hope that this means that we may do more projects for this client in the future.

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