Demolition of cooling tower in Schwedt/Oder, DE


Dimensions : 4,050 m2 of concrete wall.
Team : 4 specialists, construction crane, hydraulic crusher
Project duration : 2 months


The cooling tower had already been decommissioned for ten years and was demolished because of its age and unstable structure. In the vicinity of the cooling tower parts of the factory were still in use.

After consultation with the client it was decided to demolish the cooling tower using hydraulic shears suspended from a tower crane. The cooling tower had a height of 43 metres and a diameter of 32 metres. The internal installation, such as plastic pipe work, were removed prior to the demolition of the concrete wall.

After extensive investigation of the load-bearing capacity of the ground, a site was determined for positioning the construction crane. This was fitted with remote controls. In order to protect the surrounding installations that were still in operation a scaffold with protective sheeting that allowed the wind to penetrate was constructed. This reduced the spreading of the demolished material.

A 4,050 m2 concrete wall had to be demolished. About 100 m2 was demolished every day. As the demolition proceeded, the scaffold was lowered accordingly. When the cooling tower had been reduced down to a height of 10 metres it was.